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Brian Zaher

Hey There!

My name is Brian Zaher, and I am an aspiring digital marketing expert. I have experience in web design, Google Ads, social media management, and much more! Want to find out more about me? Click below or continue scrolling!

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Microsoft Excel Certified


Google Ads Certified

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Adobe XD Proficient

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Wordpress Proficient

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Hubspot Email Marketing Certified


I am a proud graduate of Texas Tech University, Rawls College of Business! I earned a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing. Throughout my coursework, I have gained an in-depth business understanding of topics such as economics, business management, and marketing among other things.

Always Creative:

Since the age of 16, I have been designing simple logos and websites. With every endeavor, I strive to learn and gain new skills and improve my existing ones. Scroll down to learn more!

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I have a focus in marketing, with a special interest in digital. With certifications in email and social media marketing, as well as Google ads and analytics, I am an asset to any marketing team!

Front End Design

With extensive experience in front end design, I designed this site from scratch using Adobe Illustrator. I plan to expand this skill by learning and mastering HTML and CSS.


Since before I could drive, I have been building upon my entrepreneurial spirit with experience. Look at my work to learn all about the projects I have been working on since I was a teenager!

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Get in Touch:

I am interested in the many facets of the business world, but would especially love to work in marketing. If you are an employer looking to hire a driven, passionate, creative individual, click below to contact me!

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