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My Work

Below is a collection of work that I have done in the past such as websites, graphic design, social media management, and more!



Tunetally is a project created by my friend and me in an effort to create an online community of everyday music listeners. Users can rank and rate their favorite albums, organize their music rankings, and even breakdown their music preferences.

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Batch Dating App Concept

Batch is a concept app that my friend and I created in late 2021. The goal was to provide a fresh take on the dating app market. We made a full mockup of the app in Adobe XD, brainstormed market research methods, and even created a sign-up website (which has already generated some sign-ups). 

Visit the Site Here  ➜

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@mr.mcwason Instagram Account

I started my dog's Instagram account in 2017 as a joke. Over the past few years, I decided to have fun with it and have organically grown the account to over 9,000 followers! I have learned all about interacting with other users in order to grow as well as creating quality and engaging content. I even learned some photography basics along the way!

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Webdesign Concepts

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IMG_2692 (1).png

Logo Design Concepts

AMB White Square Logo (1).png
Chameleon (1).png
Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of HODLER T
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